How to take CBD

Under The Tongue

This is currently the most common way to take CBD. You place the required amount of drops of your chosen oil under your tongue, and you hold the oil there for approximately 2 minutes. This allows the CBD to be absorbed directly into your blood stream.

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Taking CBD by vaping is the fastest way for it to enter your system - the benefits can be felt almost instantly. You would need to put your required amount of CBD vape liquid into your vape and smoke it as you would smoke normal vape liquids. Depending on the vape liquid, you may mix it in with other vape liquids depending on taste and dosage preference.

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Cosmetics such as creams can be applied topically to the target area. This helps the CBD focus on the physical location of where you would like it to be most effective.

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Many formats of CBD allow you to take it orally by simply swallowing the oil, capsule or edible. Capsules and edibles are more suited to oral consumption as they are made for this type of dosage. This is a "slow release" type of method compared to the others as it has to go through the same process as if you were eating normal food supplements.

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